Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dressy Bessy at BOTH

Show: Dressy Bessy at BOTH
Headliner: Dressy Bessy
Openers: The Jessica Fletchers, Giant Value
Location: Bottom of the Hill (BOTH) in San Francisco, CA
Date: Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Background for this show. I'd heard a few Dressy Bessy songs via internet radio and some mp3 blogs. I've really been digging "Side 2." Having a mild amount of free time and the show being inexpensive ($8) I decided I'd check it out.

The first band to come on was The Jessica Fletchers. Didn't know what to expect from a band that titled itself after a character played by Angela Lansbury. I certainly was not expecting the band to consist of 5 guys from Norway though. They were a more or less interesting band. Certainly a very solid opening band, and someone I'll look into a little more. Though it didn't convince me to buy a disc there.

Giant Value came on second, and this was a complete surprise to me. I hadn't read that they'd be on the bill at all. They're a local band, and did pretty decent at getting BOTH filled in with their friends. They played an enjoyable half hour set and had pretty good music, if sometimes disappointing lyrics (singing praise on the inventor of the umbrella and other such handy inventions doesn't make for much of a song). A band I wouldn't mind checking out again and I'd enjoy it if they opened more local shows. I'd like to see how they grow.

As for Dressy Bessy. Not a good show. My biggest problem was that the sound was mixed poorly and it was REALLY hard to hear the vocals. The other biggest problem was that I realized I just wasn't that much into this band. Sure I had liked the songs I'd heard, but the other songs were just sorta eh. I stayed til the end of their 45min-1hour main set only because the played the aforementioned "Side 2" last. They might've played an encore, but from they way they were talking between songs it didn't sound like they would and I didn't bother to stick around and find out for sure.

The set jut lacked energy. From the dwindling crowd (who had clearly come mainly for the local band), to the band themselves it was clear that this wasn't going to be an exciting show. Making it worse was the bizarre verbal fight between one of the audience and the band. The woman was screaming about injustices in the world to the band and they were just trying to ignore her. When she came up to the edge of the stage and started holding out a lighter, someone came up and took her away from the audience.

One things for certain. I know I can save money by not needing to by a Dressy Bessy disc.


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