Saturday, June 24, 2006

Radiohead #1

Show: Radiohead at The Greek Theater
Headliner: Radiohead
Openers: Deerhoof
Location: The Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA
Date: Friday, June 23, 2006
2006 Show #: 10

Like the last time I show at the Greek, I didn't actually "see" the show but instead sat up on the hill above the show and listened to the concert. The atmosphere isn't great, the seating uncomfortable but the price is right. Yesterday was especially bad in that it was hot during the day and then cold and foggy during the show. It made it hard to prepare dress-wise.

Deerhoof started the show off at 7:30p and played a solid 30 minute set. They're a bit out-there music-wise and put on quite an interesting set. It definitely spurred my interest. I'd heard some of their stuff before, and I knew they were an SF band, but now I want to know more.

Radiohead came on at 8:40 and played a main set until 9:45. A bit short a main set in my opinion. Their first encore went until 10:15. Due to the aforementioned chill, we left before the second encore. The music was good. Not the most exciting thing I've ever seen, but quite enjoyable all throughout. They played some of their big hits, but I didn't hear 'Karma Police' unfortunately. One of my friends did start to sleep during the show, but I thought that's a bit harsh an assessment. A good time, especially considering the price.


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