Friday, March 02, 2007

Noise Pop Night #2

Show: John Vanderslice in Noise Pop
Headliner: John Vanderslice
Openers: Damien Juardo, The Submarines, Black Fiction
Location: The Independent in San Francisco, CA
Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2007
2007 Show #: 2

The second night of Noise Pop, despite the club's insistence on calling it the first night. The only thing I really need to comment on before getting into the review was the between set music. Between the first and second band, it was all off an old Decemberists album. Using only one artist, okay, but the Decemberisits? Anyway, what makes it worse is that between the second and third band they played the same songs. Not even different songs on the same album! They fixed it after that, at least.

Up first was Black Fiction. They're a San Francisco outfit. I got in just moments after they began their first song. An enjoyable, if unspectacular set. My biggest problem as that most of their songs just sort of droned. They ended the set with a few songs with some more liveliness. They have some potential.

Up next was The Submarines. I knew of one of their songs ("Peace and Hate") from a podcast, or a blog, or some such. They're a duo relying on a laptop to fill out their sound. They put on an enjoyable set, but again unspectacular. I enjoyed their rendition of the song I knew, but nothing particularly crazy.

Third on was Damien Jurado. I know people are big into this guy, but I've never really got much into it. Just a little to .... morose. Damien is a self-described as "not much to look at," which is fair enough. He said they normally have three people up there, but that their lady didn't do the trip with them, so it was just Damien and 1 guy backing him up. They played a bunch of good songs, but once again just none of it was exciting. Very quality, and very skilled, but eh.

Finally was John Vanderslice. I knew a good bit of his stuff, so he was my draw. Unfortunately, this was once again an unexciting set. I enjoyed everything I heard, but I was just bored the entire show. As a result, and because of a need to wake early the next day, I skipped out early. Everything Vanderslice and his band played, I enjoyed. Just nothing ever happened to make me pleased to be at the concert.

I'd be willing to see each of these bands again, but I wouldn't go for them as the headliners. Enjoyable, but just blah....


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