Sunday, March 04, 2007

Noise Pop Day #6 - Afternoon

Show: Midlake in Noise Pop
Headliner: Midlake
Openers: Minipop, Ester Drang, Minmae
Location: Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco, CA
Date: Sunday, March 4, 2007
2007 Show #: 5

I was starting to burn out from Noise Pop, so this was my last show. The afternoon show at Bottom of the Hill. I've gone to 2 afternoon noise pop shows at bottom of the hill before, and have been happy with both. And I was mostly happy with this one too...

The show started with a 35 minute set from Minmae. Minmae hails from Portland. They are a 4 piece, playing some rocking tunes. It was good, enjoyable stuff. I was considering buying their CD, but decided to save my money for other pursuits. I will look up more of their stuff.

Ester Drang came up next, also playing about a 35 minute set. They're a 3 piece, playing in front of a video projector with videos from a laptop (I couldn't see the laptop to verify). The videos were arty, and the music was atmospheric to go along with it. It was enjoyable, but unspectacular. I wouldn't shy from seeing them again, but I wouldn't seek it out either.

Minipop came on half an hour later. They were a 5 member group, with an additional little kid with a guitar standing on stage. The kid couldn't have been more than 10 (and probably younger than that). He introduced the band. They play an enjoyable female vocal indie pop.

Unfortunately, about half way through the set, the club got super full. The heat of all the people, combined with the heat of the warm day, made it much to warm in there. I started to feel sick. Since the club had no ins and outs, and I couldn't find anywhere to just stand and catch my breath, I just took off. It was good music, but I got in for free and it wasn't worth getting sick over to me. Bummer. Good show though.


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