Sunday, March 04, 2007

Noise Pop Night #5

Show: Ghostland Observatory in Noise Pop
Headliner: Ghostland Observatory
Openers: Honeycut, The Gray Kid, Land Shark
Location: Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA
Date: Saturday, March 3, 2007
2007 Show #: 4

Not a happy experience. I came to the show wanting to see Honeycut and Ghostland Observatory, not knowing the other two bands. In the end I only saw 1. Why? Well, most places list the show start time and the door time. Mezzanine in contrast, only lists 1 time. Since Mezzanine is so close to the BART, and every other Noise Pop show has ended shortly after midnight, I took the BART in. The last BART train out was at 12:20. As a result, I completely missed Ghostland Observatory. I'm beginning to really dislike Mezzanine as a venue. Booo!

Anyway, on to the show I did see. The show started (at 9:45 pm!) with Land Shark. Land Shark is a 4 person group playing a mix of atmosphere, new wave, and electronic that simply mixes to crap. Couldn't get into this, and I couldn't wait for the set to end. I liked the name, but that's where it ended.

Next up was The Gray Kid. The singularness of the name isn't a mistake. It really is just one guy. Dancing around between several microphones and singing/rapping to music from a laptop. This reminded me very much of Har Mar Superstar from the other day. Like Har Mar, it just didn't work. Unlike Har Mar, he didn't even have an interesting gimmick. Oh well.

Honeycut came on at 11:30 pm and played a 40 minute set. They played a solid set, and had some good showmanship. They started with a instrumental track, played a solid set from their 1 album. They worked in a cover of 'Strawberry Letter 23,' played their top single 'Shadows' second to last, and then ended with a jammy type song. Good stuff, if unspectacular. I then had to leave, disappointed, and not a fan of Mezzanine.


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