Monday, August 29, 2005

Tom Petty

Show: Tom Petty at the Greek
Headliner: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Opener: The Black Crowes
Location: The Greek Theater in Berkeley, CA
Date: Saturday, August 27, 2005

Haven't gone to any shows in awhile, so it was good to finally go to another show. Decided to go to this one last minute, and the show was sold out. Scalpers were asking $100 a ticket, but I had a better option. The Greek theater is built on a hill. Above that hill, there are places to sit and enjoy the show. Very few places where you can see the stage, and I didn't get one of those, but you can hear the show plenty fine. For the money, no better place to see a show.

Can't say much about The Black Crowes. Not really my kinda thing. Only really recognized one song and it was ok. Just nothing that makes me feel strongly one way or another.

Tom Petty put on a decent show. About 2/3 of the show from the best of ablum, and the other third was mostly covers with a few new songs mixed in. Apparently people have complained that his shows are too much a "best of," but I disagree. I enjoyed the best of songs I knew. Didn't really like much of the other stuff. I came to the conclusion that Tom Petty was a band that was meant to be covered, not a band to do the covering. Their just wasn't anything interesting about his covers. Sort of just a standard blah.

Overall an enjoyable show, but certainly the price and convienience of it had some to do with that.