Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Noise Pop Opening Night

Show: Noise Pop Opening Freedm Night
Headliner: Tapes 'N Tapes
Openers: David Cross, Har Mar Superstar, Extra Action Marching Band
Location: Mezzanine in San Francisco, CA
Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2007
2007 Show #: 1

Another free show. This year, Doc Marten's Freedm opened up the festivals Opening Night to all. Maybe that's why the headliner wasn't as impressive as last years (Flaming Lips)? Not a knock against Tapes 'N Tapes, but they're not the most impressive opening night name.

The night began with a 25 minute set from the Extra Action Marching Band. I began the set standing towards the middle of the audience area, figuring that I was a good ways away. The marching band began their set by walking on stage, and immediately stepping down and marching through the crowd. They then proceed to perform "standard mosh pit" forming procedure, creating a whole in the center of the crowd. They then proceed to perform in that pit. I went from being fairly removed to being right on the edge of the show. Want proof, go here.

Or check this out. I'm on the left holding my beer:

I'm right behind that girl, so you can't see me in this one. This one you can see my face clearly. My head is between the right most extended trombone bar and a trumpet aimed up and right (in the picture).The Extra Action Marching Band is self described as an erotic and wild experience. It's a decent description. They had 5 dancers, though only 3 were women. And though the 3 were pretty, they were somewhat describable as boyish. They were scantily clad and dancing around, which was fun to watch. The music was decent and enjoyable. The only big downside (besides getting pushed around to make that mosh pit) was the male flag waver who walked by me with arms upraised. The stench that hit me was strong to say the least.

Next up was Har Mar Superstar. Har Mar Superstar is a 1 man act. He has a stereo playing, and then raps/sings along with it. Mostly. He's ultra confident and strips down to his skivies during the show. He also made a trip out into the audience, getting a little too close to me for comfort. His shtick didn't really work. It was okay for 5 minutes, but didn't really work for the 30 minute set. The lowlight was probably in the first song when he screams "all the ladies sing," but the female voices that come next were clearly part of the recording. The highlight was the slutty girl who got up on stage and danced almost flashing the crowd.

David Cross was MC, and spoke to introduce each band. He also DJed a bit before the show, which was enjoyable. I was amused by how he laid into Doc Marten's. Doc Marten's enjoyed it, for presenting themselves as some "alternate art" organization. Or such is was their front.

Tapes 'n Tapes came on last. They came on at 11:30p. I unfortunately had to leave a 12:05a in order to catch the last BART train back to east bay. They put on a solid and enjoy if unspectacular set. I really only knew a couple of their songs, and I enjoyed their live rendition of 'Cowbell.' Not too varied from what was on the album, but I enjoyed the music. Overall a good time.