Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Pipettes SF Premiere

Show: The Pipettes San Francisco Premiere
Headliner: The Pipettes
Openers: Smoosh, Monster Bobby
Location: Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA
Date: Tuesday, June 12, 2007
2007 Show #: 7

Getting this review up pretty late. I took off for Europe the day after the show, and am just now back. Anyway, back to the show review.

The show was listed to start at 9, so I got to the show at 9:45 figuring I'd miss at least one opener. I wasn't really interested in Smoosh, having seen them before, so I wanted to miss as much as I could.

Of course, these club/show venues always suck like this. Monster Bobby was coming on just as I got there. And he was bleh, just as I expected. I can't remember anything positive about this set. Apparently he's in the Pipettes backing band.

Smoosh came on second. They are a band that you don't need to see twice. They're ok and all, but I feel like I'm set for the seeing them for life. The only high point was the cover of a Bloc Party song.

As for the Pipettes. Good times. The show was in a lot of ways what I expected it to be. They were just as cute and adorable in person as their press would have you believe. They put enough variation in their songs to make them interesting. They didn't do anything too surprising, but that's ok. I can't remember any particular song highlights, but they did hit all their standards. I really enjoyed 'Your kisses are wasted on me.'

Good times, and worth the trip to go see these gals.